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Newly Listed Joomla! Extensions

Find extensions for your Joomla site in the Joomla Extensions Directory, the official directory for Joomla components, modules and plugins.
  1. Cookie Information - Consent Solution

    This is a GDPR consent solution plugin created by Cookie Information. For more information visit: https://cookieinformation.com/


    This plugin will easily implement the Website Consent solution from Cookie information into your website.

    The plugin adds the required scripts and SDK libary for Cookie blocking to the Joomla installation.

    The solution contains:
    - Consent pop-up
    - Privacy controls – opt-in and opt-out buttons
    - Cookie Policy
    - Cookie control SDK – blocking of cookies
    - Legally required consent log

    The plugin automatically changes to the active language provided by Joomla.

  2. JR Maps For K2

    Easy and efficient Maps plugin for K2, maps are displayed in item and category views, with custom marker icons.


    • Easy to fill in location data (latitude/longitude) by dragging and dropping a marker on the map.
    • Custom marker item can be selected for each K2 item, an icon set is already included, and you can upload your custom marker icons.
    • Map is displayed in the item view, also it is displayed in the category view in case the category has children items with maps.

    How it works?

    • Install the plugin in the normal way of installing Joomla extensions.
    • Enable the plugin and configure it.
    • Edit item and category view files to show the map in the proper place.
    • Go to the item edit form, you will find a new tab labelled Map where you can fill in the location data.
  3. FavPricingTables

    FAVPRICINGTABLES is a responsive Joomla! module designed to showcase your offers and easily present their features and prices by using up to 5 pricing tables with multiple layouts and colors.

  4. Simple Download Counter

    This plugin helps you to organize simple download link for files with download counter in your Joomla articles. Create folder, select folder in plugin settings, upload files in your folder, put in joomla articles code (sdc anyyourfile.zip) and enjoy!

  5. Article Of The Day

    This is a module that will select a random article for display each day (or other time period as you prefer)

    It is useful for sites with a lot of content that they wish to keep fresh as it allows older articles to be surfaced and rotated without effort.

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