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Newly Listed Joomla! Extensions

Find extensions for your Joomla site in the Joomla Extensions Directory, the official directory for Joomla components, modules and plugins.
  1. JW Featured Image


    Build beautiful animated website elements with Featured Image Module.

    Drag and edit layer elements visually in preview mode.

    Layer based elements:

    • Headings
    • Text
    • Buttons
    • HTML


    • Animate on Scroll
    • Parallax effects
    • Fully responsive
    • Webfonts
    • Full width
    • Pre definied designs

    Optimized for Bootstrap 4 templates.
    Joomla V.3 Support
    Joomla V.4-Alpha Support

  2. Qlue Cookie Manager

    An essential Joomla! Extension to help you comply with the EU cookie legislation.

    Help build trust and confidence in your brand by giving your users the ability to control their own cookie preferences. Qlue's Cookie Manager extension includes an initial cookie alert notification, the ability to categorise your cookies and a control panel for users to configure their options.

    - Cookie Notification - Displays a cookie notification until the user has provided consent or changed their cookie settings
    - Cookie Policy - Register cookie names and provide detailed descriptions to display to users
    - Cookie Categorisation - Categorise your cookies into meaningful groups (Essential, Statistics, Performance etc...)
    - Cookie Filter - Block first party cookies based on your users preferences

  3. Qlue Accordion

    This package contains modules and plugins to generate accordions on your Joomla! site.

  4. Simple Cookie Consent

    Simple Cookie Consent is a lightweight Joomla! plugin for alerting users about the use of cookies on your website.

    A free solution to the EU, GDPR, and California Cookie Laws.

    It is designed to help you quickly comply with the EU Cookie Law, CCPA, GDPR and other privacy laws.

    We made it fast, free, and relatively painless

  5. Server Cache

    The Server Cache plugin for Joomla manages the caching headers and boost up your site speed!

    It works nicely for NGINX and VARNISH.
    Fully compatible with engintron for cPanel

    From Cache excluded:
    - Back-end
    - Logged users
    - Virtuemart cart
    - Links contains word 'cart, checkout, register, login, orders'
    - POST/PUT/HEAD/DELETE methods (Only in GET cache is activated)
    - Custom defined components
    - Custom defined views
    - Custom defined menus
    - Custom defined url/words

    -Compatible Caching Headers for NGINX and VARNISH auto excluding critical URLS
    -Enables HTTP2 Push support for images/css/javascripts/fonts
    -Manages Access Control Origin Headers (CORS)
    Manages Security Policy Headers (CSP)

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